Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How to adapt to a new norm?

Some notes from my therapy session last week...

I have always believed who we are inside our homes must match who we are at work. The same logic can be applied for what we are experiencing right now...
Who we are when things are great must be who we are when things are not so great. 

My mind has been racing lately. I feel like I am working more than I have ever before. I can't seem to sit in peace. I know we are meant to rest and take a break, but all I have are ideas or lists of more things to do... do this! do that! try this! try that!

I have learned that when I am experiencing stress, my defensive mechanism is action. I distract myself with what is actually happening by DOING. But now that I have learned this about myself, I make it a point to intentionally check in with myself. I make it an intention to listen to and talk to my emotions.

How to adapt to a new norm?

We are witnessing a time of uncertainty like never before. It is a new ball game. A new way of existing.  All this "new" takes more out of us. It is important to recognize that new things do indeed take more energy.   What is unfamiliar takes more energy.

Action is a wonderful thing but not when it is paired with avoidance or denial. We must be aware in order to act authentically. My being self must direct my doing self.

We must pause and ask:
  • Why do I feel so overwhelmed and exhausted?
  • Do I absolutely need to do everything I am doing right now?
  • Do I need to do it all at once?
  • What pace is healthy for me?
  • How do I want myself and my family to remember this time? 
  • What type of memories can I create for them?
  • Am I checking in with myself?
  • Is there something I am not paying attention to?
Then pick and choose what you want to focus on rightfully and intentionally. Make sure your focus matches your inner value system (not what you think you "should" do but what you feel is right and meaningful to you). Again, your being self must direct your doing self.

Our thoughts can feel like a 'runaway horse' right now... scattered and untamed. We need to be the ones guiding it and moving it. As much as we are surrendering to all the uncertainties and things we are not in control of at this time, there is one thing we are most certainly and absolutely in control of - our thoughts. These thoughts that consume and create our days need our guidance and our authority. We are their boss. We are in control.

Say it out loud: "I am in control."